Party Makeup Tips: What Not To Do

Polish your look for the holidays with simple tips from Atlanta makeup artist Nyssa Green.


[MUSIC] Hey. It's Nyssa from The Green Room Agency. And if you wanna have happy holidays, here's what's not to do. Don't go crazy, ladies. If you're doing a red lip, keep everything simple. And I know everyone loves a great red lip for the holidays, but remember, too much of anything is too much. So if you're doing a red lip, keep the eyes neutral, even the cheeks. Don't go too far and that's how you'll make the red lip work for you. Now, during the holidays, everybody has parties to attend, right? Alright. So here's the deal. Just because it's a party does not mean you have to do a party do. Get away from these prom updos, ladies. No bridesmaid's hair, it's the holidays. Be happy. Wear what you're comfortable in and what works for you. Don't be obligated to do those crazy little prom updos.
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