Beauty Secrets: Party Makeup Tips

Jazz up your look with quick and easy ideas from makeup artist Nyssa Green.


[MUSIC], [MUSIC]. Hey, it's Nisah from the Green Room, and here is how you can have happy holidays with some quick and easy makeup tips. Alright, one of the things that I love, love, love, for holiday looks, false eyelashes. Grab a strip of those, slap them on and in two minutes, your whole look has completely changed. You can't go wrong. They come in a variation of styles and even colors. So you can really customize this look and make it work for you for the holidays. What else can you do? Line those eyes lady, top and bottom, and not just on the bottom, smudging it in like that, no. Get on the inside of that rim. That's gonna give you a dramatic eye with just two simple swipes of the eyeliner. You can't beat that. And of course for holiday, a little sparkle goes a long, long way. A little shimmer on the lid, a little shimmer on the cheeks. Now don't do glitter overload. Just a little sparkle is all you need for Happy Holidays.
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