How To Tie a Bow Tie

Learn how to tie a bow tie from our editor-in-chief Lindsay Bierman.



[MUSIC] I'm Lindsay Bierman, and I'm showing you how to tie a bow tie. It's something that every Southern gentleman needs to know how to do. Start by adjusting it to your neck size, and make one side longer than the other. I'm right-handed, so I make the left side longer. That goes over, behind, and pull it through. So you have the beginning of your knot. Take the lower side, fold it over, and you've got the right side of your bow. Most bow ties have this little indentation there, so you're gonna want to center this piece over that. And now you're gonna use your index finger to find the hole behind this knot. It might take a couple of tries but you'll get it. Pull it through, and then once you've got that through you can start to play with the adjustment. What you wanna do is get a nice symmetrical bow in front by pushing and pulling on the knot in front and behind. That's good, that's pretty good, whatever, you can have a little hanging out back there, that's fine. Flip your collar back under, and you're ready to go. You want it to be a little bit crooked, so that you know it's not a clip-on. These aren't just for weddings and funerals. You can dress up a pair of jeans. You can wear it with a suit, and it looks great for any occasion. For everything a southerner needs to know, pick up Southern Living Magazine and visit [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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