Stand Out in Seersucker

New Orleans-born Sarah Elizabeth Dewey and Jolie Bensen know you can’t survive summer without a cool, wrinkle-free dress.
Article: Stephanie Grananda
Jolie and Elizabeth Seersucker Dresses
Sarah Elizabeth Dewey (third from right) and Jolie Bensen (far right) of Jolie and Elizabeth
Photo: Chris M. Rogers; Styling: Elsa Brodmann/Zenobia; Hair and makeup: Glenn Mosley and Niki walker

The duo worked at BCBG in New York before moving back home to launch their Dixie-to-the-stitching collection in 2010. Their Jolie and Elizabeth ( line celebrates style using seersucker, linen, and silk to produce airy, feminine frocks all named after Southern people and places. And each online order comes with a handwritten thank-you note. “We are proud to have a dress made in and of the place we are from,” Sarah says. “Each dress carries our history.”