29 Achievable Things to Do in January

Martina Gruber / EyeEm / Getty Images
No matter how much (or how little!) time you have, there are plenty of ways to get that done-and-done feeling. 
This article orignally appeared on Real Simple

5 Minutes

  • Unsubscribe from one e-mail list that drives you nuts.
  • Jot down a fix-it list.
  • Post on Facebook for a handyman/dog walker/Saturday-night sitter.
  • Book a date with that friend you never see enough of.
  • Change or clean at least one household filter (central air/Brita/stove vent).
  • Order new socks for everyone!
  • Clean under the oven or behind the refrigerator.
  • Order batteries online.
  • Set up mail-order delivery for regular prescriptions.
  • Write that thank-you note you’ve been meaning to get to.
  • Book hair-color appointments for the year.
  • Download a meditation app.

Under an Hour

  • Make doctor and dentist appointments for the family for the whole year.
  • Clean out the freezer.
  • Set a timer and delete e-mails that you don’t need anymore.
  • Dump out makeup bag: edit, clean, restock.
  • Order one-size-fits-most birthday gifts for the kids’ friends (gift cards for teens); store them where you won’t forget them.
  • Purge 10 things from your worst closet.
  • Organize filing cabinet; shred old documents (um...locate shredder).
  • Buy a year’s worth of birthday cards (and stamps!).
  • Identify three new meals that you’re excited to put in your regular cooking rotation.
  • Pick one of those boxes of “stuff” in the closet/basement/attic; sort it.
  • Clean out the car.

A Weekend

  • Take care of all the holiday returns.
  • Paint that room (you know the one).
  • Create some space in the garage.
  • Start prepping for tax time.
  • Reoutfit a closet with shelves and bins so that it actually works.
  • Do three things just for you— including using that meditation app.
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