Cutting Nandina with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his tricks for holiday entertaining. No need to purchase greenery at the grocery store to dress up your dinner table. Turn your natural surroundings into festive decor with James' easy tips for cutting nandina.


There are few plants that every southern yard and garden needs to have. Now for me, when I say the yard I'm talking about flowers and things I'm gonna cut. And a garden usually where I'm growing tomatoes, But that's one of those fun kind of southern things that we always like to make fun of our grandmothers about. But then you think about it, they had some great things there in their yards and in their gardens. For me one of those favorite things is Nandina, it's not necessarily the most beautiful plants in the landscape, What if offers is a great, great foliage, and a great berry to use for holiday decor. In the fall, it's a beautiful orange color and at Christmas time, it's red just in time to decorate your table, or maybe your windowsill, or maybe a beautiful wreath. So when you're cutting Mandinka, just cut the stems with the berries. Just don't cut the the little tips off the very top. That's next years nandina. I hope ya'll have some nandina in your yard. Or if you're lucky enough, the birds will plant it for you.
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