Footsteps to Fitness

Surround yourself with nature for a great workout.

Hit the trail now for a refreshing change of pace. Whether you go for an afternoon stroll or an all-day hike, let the rich blue skies, awesome foliage, and sweet fall air energize you.

Keep on Trekking
Footpaths come in all sizes, types, and levels of difficulty--some lead to great vistas while others follow meandering streams. Whether tucked in an urban setting or deep within a national forest, these trails can power up your fitness routine in a number of ways.

  • Scenic walkways provide an ever-changing setting to stave off workout boredom.
  • Wearing a backpack on longer excursions burns extra calories.
  • Hiking or walking on hills helps build stamina and muscles, both good for your heart.
  • Urban paths inspire people to get moving in a comfortable setting without concern for traffic.
  • Looking at beautiful scenery can take your mind off the physical exertion.

Above all, walking on trails offers more than a pathway to fitness. It opens up a world of sensory pleasure and an appreciation for the environment.

Tips To Remember

  • Stay on the trail for safety’s sake.
  • Bring water for longer hikes. All-day backpackers need at least 2 to 3 quarts.
  • Check the forecast, and dress in layers for fickle fall weather.
  • Stretch gently before and after hiking.


Wish I Was Here
Here are a few of our staff members’ favorite trails.




  • Flatwoods Wilderness Park: near Tampa Bay; (813) 987-6211




  • Billy Goat Trail: near Potomac; (301) 767-3714


  • Katy Trail State Park: near Columbia; 1-800-334-6946

North Carolina

South Carolina

  • Anne Springs Close Greenway: near Rock Hill; (803) 548-7252
  • I’On Village Walk: near Charleston;


  • Chattanooga River Walk: (423) 643-6888
  • Radnor Lake Trails: near Nashville;



Washington, D.C.

Healthy Benefits

  • Accessible trails help build healthy communities by providing cost-effective places where anyone can exercise and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Walking and other gentle forms of physical activity reduce arthritis pain and disability.


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