Van Chaplin

Here are the three DVDs I use most often

  1. Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Complete Collection―This DVD includes three yoga programs, from beginner to advanced. These are fast-paced sessions for those who like a more vigorous form of yoga. Kest emphasizes the importance of breathing calmly even through the most difficult poses. Isn’t that what life is all about?
  2. The Firm Aerobic Body Shaping―Part of The Firm’s Transfirmer Series, this DVD makes use of 6- and 8-inch platforms that can be stacked or set up in an incline position. As you become stronger, incorporate weights and then slowly increase them for continued results.
  3. The Firm Supercharged Sculpting―This workout is just 39 minutes long so it’s great when I don’t have as much time or I want to mix things up a bit. It is also part of The Firm’s Transfirmer Series. The DVD includes a bonus stretching session that feels oh-so-good when your muscles feel tight.

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