Healthy eating has a reputation for being crazy expensive, and in the South, we’re tempted with cuisines like fried chicken, jambalaya, and buttermilk biscuits! But, these 7 healthy foods are both tasty and won’t break the bank. Peanut butter is a staple in any penny-pinching diet; a single serving has 7 ounces of protein. It’s also packed with healthy fats and fiber. Delicious and cheap, peanut butter is only 43 cents a serving. And, don’t dismiss frozen vegetables. Frozen spinach is a great choice because it’s great for eggs, soups, and smoothies. For 31 cents a serving, purchasing spinach is an ideal way to get some green in your diet. Be sure not to limit eggs to breakfast. For 13 cents a serving, they are an amazing source of vitamins and proteins. There’s a reason why cowboys lived off beans! Whether you're buying canned or dried beans, they’re a great price for the nutritition they provide. Finally, don’t limit cabbage to your New Year's Day meal; it’s full of vitamin C, vitamin K, and probiotics. It goes with basically anything, and its only 20 cents a serving. Healthy eating has never been so easy and inexpensive.

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