The Marvin Experience: Stone Acorn Builders

Stone Acorn Builders, member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, share how Marvin Windows and Doors helped complete a contemporary house design.


[MUSIC] I'm Sarah Lavine-Kass. My company is Stone Acorn Builders. We're a design-build firm, which means that we start every project from the beginning, then take the project all the way through. Marvin provided a lot of flexibility. They had windows that we could select that would keep us Within budget for the ones where we could use existing window patterns, and they had windows that we could specialize to reflect certain architectural features that we wanted to emphasize on the home. Marvin with their guidance allowed us with a bi-fold door to bring the outdoors in, and basically the porch ended up being an extension of the home. When the door was open. Windows can really make or break a wall or a room, in my opinion. And it's all about having the window enhance the architecture of the home not detract. And I think it's a beautiful integration between the two. Our Marvin rep was Amazingly helpful. Giving us all sorts of options about sizes and, and patterns and, and we really worked with that book until we got to the right synthesis. Your customer service is, is a huge aspect of when you're selecting a window and door company. See the greatest thing about Marvin is is that, you know, they have a team, they can go out and fix problems with windows and doors and adjust them. In a, in a quick and timely manner. The options are endless. Then if we came up with a custom color that can match it, which is wonderful. I like the fact that they're aluminum-clad on the outside but wood on the inside, so really, we can either paint them, we can stain them. We can have lots of light patterns. We can have minimal light patterns. There's just a lot of flexibility. Obviously the windows provide that touch of color to the look and that color palette that you see on the outside. It's going to be an amazing home. It's going to be very welcome. The windows and that bi-fold door have a lot to do with it. [MUSIC]
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