The Marvin Experience: Chathambilt Homes

The team from Chathambilt Homes, a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, shares how they created a dream home with the help of Marvin Windows and Doors.


[MUSIC] My father decided to become a home builder about a year after he had married my mother in 1947 and went fulltime in 1948, so that's the birth of Chattenville homes. I had been building a neighborhood right next door, had seen this property, fell in love with it, brought my family here, and made the decision to develop and build this house. Steven Fuller was the architect of this home, who is a Southern Living designer. And I had asked Steve Have to come up with a design that was sort of on the inspiration of Mount Vernon or Monticello. And that's really the beginnings of how this architecturally became the home we wanted to have here. Windows are the one product that you see from both the inside and outside of a house. So we find that's a great place to invest money. It's well worth it. [MUSIC] Marvin's in their fourth generation of a family business. In 1912, George Marvin founded Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company. Marvin Windows pride themselves on innovation, energy efficiency, but yet, beautiful windows. We want windows that Perform for commercial grade performance but have that aesthetics for more of a residential need.>> Much like we do with our own homes, we stand behind it over the test of time. Marvin has the exact same practice and we know for them their chief concern is not shareholders, but instead, their customers.>>Our philosophy has been building windows around Your needs. Everything is made to order, built for you. All of our homes are custom designed, and they were able to work with us to get the right sizes, shapes, placements that we need. Marvin is a great partner for us here. The company, like Marvin, who stands behind their product as they do, really lines up Well with our company. [MUSIC] They really take pride on developing the highest quality, best efficient windows in the market. [MUSIC]
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