The Marvin Experience: Builders' Perspective

Hear about the Marvin Windows and Doors experince from the perspective of builders that are a part of the Southern Living custom builder program.


My name is Alan Looney and I am president of Castle Homes. We are located in Nashville, Tennessee and we have been in business for twenty years. We specialize in custom building and semi custom building and some remodel. Our experience with Marvin window and doors have been great actually. It is a great product. Now we like to position our company castle home with brands like Marvin, just like southern living. We know that people see a Marvin window sticker in, in our house they know that it's affiliated with a good quality to a home. So when it comes to service it's important to have a company like Marvin. We know they're there for us when we need em. [MUSIC] I'm Tom Dillard with Dillard Jones Builders and our office is in Greenville South Carolina and Ashville North Carolina we've been part of the selative program since 2006 I think our clients like the fact that they're a family owned brand that they have been in business for many years And they're just a, a company that stands behind their product. And when you're building a custom home for someone, that's investing, you know, we build generational homes. They really expect their house to be around after they're gone and their children are enjoying it. And that's very important. And so, when we started using Marvin, we were just, really excited about the quality. Our customers can tell the difference in the product. And, it, it really helps us. Establish ourselves as a leader in our market. [MUSIC] My name is Jayson Collier. I'm with Summit Custom Homes. We're based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We're a small volume custom home builder and we average roughly 8 to 10 projects a year. Our experience working with Marvin has been fantastic. The professionalism, level of service, and obviously the quality product is is, is much as any builder could hope for. Marvin's certainly a product that you know what you're gonna get when you order it. [MUSIC] My name is Benjamin Levine and our company is Stone Acorn Builders. We're in Houston, Texas. You know, we're a family owned business. We specialize in design build. So we design the home and then also build the home. Marvin gives us design options not just in sizes but also in styles. So Marvin allows us to go from really traditional to transitional, and then into modern. You can do a contemporary look with Marvin and still get that quality. New look. [MUSIC] And when we brought our customers to see the wood windows we were using at that time, and then we brought them to see Marvin, it wasn't even close, it was such a superior window. They're not the cheapest, but they're not the most expensive either, I think they're the best value. And then, in terms of the color options, I mean, they offer a nice palette. It's still within the same price point. But it doesn't just look good. But you touch and feel and operate it, I mean you can notice it. It's a noticeable difference in the construction of the window. Fortunately the service totally matches the quality of Marvin. Our dealers have been, you know, selling Marvin windows for a long time. They have a lot of experience working with it. As you know, a construction site is not like a museum. But they, they hold up well during construction. But when we need a piece we get it in a, in a, in a very quick amount of time.
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