The Lennox Experience: Builders' Perspective

Learn about the Lennox Home Comfort Systems experince from the perspective of builders that are a part of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program.


[MUSIC] When we talk to customers we speak about Lennox being one of the most efficient systems out there but also one of the systems that has the most reliability over the long run. I think the best compliment from a client about a Lennox system is that they don't comment about it because the system performs the manner that they expect. The house is comfortable, it's quiet, they don't have service issues or service problems, and that's really what clients are looking for, is they're looking for something to operate and not having to worry about it. Well we used to place units outside master bedrooms, which is a logical place to have them, and because of the noise factor We had to move several of them, and since we've gotten more quiet equipment through Lennox, we put them pretty much wherever we wanna put them for the best utilitarian portion of it, so noise is not a factor. We build between 12 and 15 homes a year. We're custom home builders. We don't do any spec homes. And we've been using Lennox for the past eight years exclusively in all our homes Lennox is a badge for a home owner, they're branded well and it's a recognized brand, and the home owners actually think they're getting a brand out of most HVAC systems. So for the clientele we're building for, our typical client's one that's worked their entire life for this house, it's their dream home. They have very high expectations of what they're looking for out of the house and that much of that high expectation is how the home's gonna live with the terms in terms of comfort and quiet factor. And those are all things that are easy to achieve and exceed upon with Lennox equipment. [MUSIC]
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