My Hometown: Cat Cora

This Iron Chef shares standouts from her Southern herritage.

Jackson, Mississippi

1.) Best View in the City: Sunset on the Pearl River
Cat loves to watch the sunset from a sandbar in the Pearl River. "It’s especially beautiful after spending the day skiing on the river," she notes.

2.) Mississippi Must Eat: Tamales and Cold Beer! 
Tamales: Can’t make it to Mississippi to get a taste of authentic delta tamales? Try making your own!

Beer: Pair them with a Mississippi manufactured beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company.

3.) Favorite Hang Out: Hal and Mal's
The brainchild of brothers Hal and Malcolm white, Hal & Mal’s is housed in a 1920’s era freight depot decorated with local pictures and memorabilia. Live music and a strong sense of community have made this restaurant a local favorite.

5.) Best Music: "Jazz of course!"

Cat will be the chef at the official CMT Awards after party on June 8. Published June, 2011. 

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