Find out the story behind the elephant mascot, why legend Bear Bryant returned to Alabama, and more fun facts about your favorite team—Roll Tide!

1) It is said that Alabama’s Million Dollar Band got its name when someone in the press box said “your football is not very good, but your band is worth a million bucks.”

2) In 1930, an AJC journalist first used “elephant” to describe the Alabama team, saying: “The earth started to tremble, there was a distant rumble that continued to grow. Some excited fan in the stands bellowed, ‘hold your horses, the elephants are coming.’”

3) Coach Bryant never really liked the elephant as a mascot. He thought they were slow and stupid. Because of this, it wasn’t officially recognized as a mascot until 1978.

4) Bear Bryant claimed to have come back to Alabama (after coaching at three other colleges) because “Mama called.” (In reference to the University)

5) Bear Bryant once said he’d “croak in a week” if he ever quit coaching. He died 27 days after his last game.

6) The Crimson Tide was originally referred to as “The Thin Red Line,” back when the University began its football program in 1892.

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