How To Propagate Succulents

Before you can make a succulent container garden, you need plenty of succulents. Did you know that you can turn one healthy succulent into multiple plants? Propagating succulents is actually an easy process, and all you'll need is some extra soil and a pair of scissors. Our resident floral expert Buffy Hargett Miller shows how to multiply the succulents you already have so that your garden – whether an indoor container or an outdoor porch centerpiece – stays bright and full all year long.


[MUSIC] We're gonna make some cutting just above a leaf. We wanna set these aside for one to three days. And this is important. We wanna allow a film to form over the bottom. Another way to propagate is twist off one single leaf, very close to the stem, and get all of the leaf. Let them dry out for one to three days for the same reason. Once our cuttings are dry we're ready to put them in the soil. We are gonna do our recuttings first and you to place the lead cuttings directly on the top of the soil. After we get finished with this there would be roots growing out at the end and they will find their way into the soil. Now were ready to plant our cutting Simply place the cuttings directly down into the soil. You wanna keep the top layer of soil moist. You'll need to do this daily, until you see the roots begin to grow. Continue propagating all year long, and you'll always have succulents to use in your garden and in your container gardening. [MUSIC]
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