How To Grow Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Incorporating it into your diet can improve energy levels, and it's packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. If you're not interested in adding some extra green into your diet, wheatgrass is also a beautiful container garden filler, especially in the spring. It's not a hard plant to grow, and it adds some bright color to your kitchen's windowsill. Follow along with our resident floral expert, Buffy Hargett Miller, to learn how you can cultivate your own wheatgrass to juice (or decorate!) at home.


The first thing you wanna do is to soak your seeds overnight. And this speeds up the germination process. To plant our seeds, we're gonna start with a shallow tray and line it with paper towel. We're gonna squirt it with just a little bit of water and then we're gonna add about two inches of potting soil. You wanna let it go all the way to the top of your container. Next we're gonna sprinkle our seeds evenly on top of the soil. To get a very thick result, you'll need to place your seeds close together and then tap them down with your hand. Once we have our seeds completely covered, we're gonna spray them with water to get them completely soaked. We're also going to Moisten some newspaper and add that to the top. It's important to keep your seeds very moist until they sprout. For the first couple of days, you'll need to remove the newspaper, spray it gently, moisten your newspaper again and continue to do this For three to five days until you start to see sprouts. When your grass begins to grow, move it to a spot in your house with indirect sunlight and moderate heat. You can grow your winter grass in a tray. You can grow it directly in the pot that you wanna use. Or you can use plastic pots. After nine to ten days, you'll be amazed. Your grass will look like this, be about six inches tall, and nice, and lush, and green. [MUSIC]
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