People Are Spending Quality Time With Their Plants for Houseplant Appreciation Day

Matthew Ward/Getty Images
Plants deserve gratitude, too
This article originally appeared on TIME


Important public service announcement: today is National Houseplant Appreciation Day. What this means to you really depends on whether or not you are the proud owner of a houseplant (or more than one houseplant!), be it a low-maintenance cactus or temperamental orchid. But regardless, it’s an important day to take stock of the green things in our lives and consider how adding some photosynthesizing organisms to a home can really spruce it up.

Today would also be a great day to water your plants. (For succulents, usually one ice cube placed in the soil once every two weeks will do the trick; for other, thirstier plants, consult a watering guide). As for that desiccated Christmas tree drying up in the corner of your living room, shedding needles forlornly? Show it some appreciation and take it out. Its service is now complete.

Here are the ways that some people are celebrating their relationship to their beloved houseplants today:


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