Why Bradford Pears Are The Worst Tree Ever

For years, the Bradford pear has been an iconic Southern tree (simply because they're everywhere). Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender is here to tell you that this stinky, oversized tree is not worth the hassle, though. From its overabundance of shade to weak branching structure, Bradford pears are the worst trees out there.


Today my friends I wanna talk to you about a tree that all of your neighbors have planted, and you should not. It is called a Bradford Pear, and these are the reasons why. Number one, yes the flowers, the white flowers in the spring time were beautiful, they also stinks. [MUSIC] Do you notice when they're all in bloom you walk out in your neighborhood and the whole neighborhood smells like fish? Do you want to b known as the tuna neighborhood? No, you do not. The flowers stink. Number two, when they introduced Bradford Pear they told us it was gonna be a small ornamental tree. It is not small. This thing grows to be at least 50 feet tall and nearly as wide. So it swallows your whole front yard and because it's got such dense branches, you can't grow anything underneath it. You can't even move in your front yard. It's just too big. This is a self-destructing plant. If you look at a [UNKNOWN] you'll notice that all of its main branches come out from the same point on the trunk. This makes it extremely weak-wooded. So all you have to do is. Drive around your neighborhood and you're gonna see all these bright repairs that looks like they've exploded. It could be big branches lying on the ground. And this will never stop until the tree actually has the old branches. Why would you want something like that in your yard. Don't plant a Bradford pear. There's an old [UNKNOWN] song that says, breaking up is hard to do. Let me tell you. If you plant a Bradford pear, breaking up is simple.
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