5 Plants Even College Kids Can't Kill

If your college student has a tendency to water things with PBR, Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender has a couple plants for you. These hardy varieties can skip a watering and still survive – so they're a perfect fit for a young adult's dorm or apartment.


College students and houseplants don't mix together very well. I mean he got so many other important things to worry about like throwing the perfect kegger or calling mom for money. Or maybe forgetting and accidentally watering his plant with a PBR So, what you need if you're going to have a nice environment for your student is to pick a plant that even a freshman couldn't kill. I'm gonna give you five Right now. Number one is called a snake plant. And this is absolutely legendary plant. It'll grow in low light. You hardly ever have to water it. In fact, you could put it in a room, leave, come back six months later and it would still be alive. Number two is a plant called ZZ plant. Now it's one of these plants that takes almost zero care and looks great. You only have to water it about once every three months even if that. it sends out these long arching stems with these leaves, they're dark green and classic. They're so perfect, they look fake. You can't kill it and neither can your student. Number three is Rubber Plant. Now Rubber Plant is easy easy easy to grow. It has very attractive big broad leaves. It takes low light situations. You only have to water it when it's absolutely bone dry. And it's simple to grow. So this is one on those plants that you could drop off at the beginning of the semester. And at the end of the semester it would still be alive. Unlike you know. Your students chances for getting into Harvard. Plant number four, if you're one of those mothers that's just trying to decorate an apartment to look like home. In one corner, of course there will be the chilled keg and then in the other corner you should put a corn plant. It gets to be kind of big But it's really easy to grow. It doesn't need bright light. So you can put it in a corner and it doesn't need to be watered very often. Again, a plant that is really hard to kill. Now, plant number five. If you have an absolute dunce. Of a student. I would recommend that you purchase the finest collection of plastic flowers. They come in all sizes, all colors, and many of the colors are completely unnatural which is really cool. For a dorm room, I wish I had those. They're the black light posters of the 2000's. Take my advice. If you want your college students dorm room to look the least bit presentable, get them plants they just can't kill.
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