5 Plants That Ain't Worth The Trouble

If you're a hybrid rose lover, we hate to disappoint – but the work and attention that go into these perfectly pruned bushes just ain't worth the trouble. Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender wants to save your valuable time by sharing five plants that reap little reward.


Everybody in a day has a busy life, except for you. The guy there in the red shirt. And we don't have time to waste on projects that give us no return. And gardening is the same way. So these I'm going to present are five plants that just ain't worth The trouble. The first one is and I know this is gonna make a lot of people cry, Hybrid tea roses. The only reason that people grow hybrid tea roses is that they can cut off the flowers and bring them inside And to be able to grow a rose, well, you've gotta spray it for Japanese beetles, you gotta spray it for black spots, you gotta spray it for mildew. Hybrid Tea roses you ain't worth the problem. Unworthy plant number two, do you recoil at the idea of spraying insecticides over and over and over gain on something you're gonna eat? Well in that case don't plant a peach tree. And if by some miracle you do get peaches, well guess what? Peach trees just don't live very long, maybe about 15 years and they just die. Number three, plant that you really need to think about, summer squash. The vines produce. Separate sexed flowers. That means they have female flowers and they have male flowers. Some of them go entire summer, and only produce male flowers. Which means you're not getting any squash! And guess what? There is nothing you can do about it. Number 4 is Japanese Painted fern. This is one hard plant to grow. It needs moist soil, it doesn't like having anything else growing around it. And if you don't give it does things, it gets smaller and smaller every year until it disappears. Number 5, the Gerbera daisy, it doesn't like our climate at all. It doesn't like our soil, it doesn't like our rainfall, it doesn't like our humidity. You can go to bed with a beautiful flower at night, and when you get up in the morning it's moldy, and rotten, and dead. You are probably wondering what is a sure fire plant that I can use that's gonna grow and live and take no trouble at all. And the answer is plastic flowers. You can always trust plastic
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