Mow, Don't Rake, Those Leaves!

In the habit of bagging up fall leaves? Don't. The Grumpy Gardener has another idea for your yard, and it'll lead to enriched soil for your spring plants. Instead of dragging the kids out to fill up paper bag after paper bag of wet leaves, take advantage of your lawn mower. Grinding up those leaves provides your soil with composted organic matter. So, mow – don't rake!


One of the great privileges that you enjoy as a follower of the Grumpy Gardener, is you get to ask me questions. You can email me questions, and I will answer each and every one of them with total, 1012% guaranteed accuracy. Here's a typical question I received just a few weeks ago. The debate is raging in my house. What to do with all those leaves. The teenager favors a, leaving them, or b, blowing them into the shrub beds. Hubby says we have to rake them back. I took out my new Southern Living garden book but couldn't find any advice other than to compose, which hubby will never do. We need advice before we all get grumpy over this one. So my first response is what? You're consulting a teenager about this problem, really? Now as for hubby's implication, a composter is more trouble and bagging. It's just the opposite. You've got lots of falling leaves all over your land. Now you can rake them up and put them in the bag and get somebody to hold them away but theres so much simpler solution. I got lawn multi mower set is to the higher level, the highest cutting level. Which probably about two to two and half inches. And just run over those leaves on your lawn. What's gonna happen is your Multimower is gonna chop all those leaves in really tiny, teenie little bits. They're gonna filter down through your grass on to the soil surface. They will create organic matter which is good. For your grass to grow on. If you just can't bear the sight of little chopped leaves all over your lawn for maybe a week or so, you can take those chopped leaves, put them in a composter, they will slowly decay and they will form really good organic matter. And that's what's gold for your garden soil. Or you can do what I do and that is I take all the chopped leaves out of the bagger and I spread them over my garden beds. And you won't believe what pretty much that makes and that's so much better than putting them out with the trash. So mom, don't bag those leaves. Guard will appreciate it and so well your texting teenager.
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