5 Tips To Attract Snakes To Your Yard

Want some slithering friends to attend your next backyard barbecue? Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender has some tips that are sure to bring snakes to your yard, like letting your grass grow too long and leaving bowls of smelly pet food out. And, if you're like the rest of us who aren't fans of surprise hissing, here are five things you should definitely avoid.


Southerners love snakes. And I'm gonna give you five tips to make sure that your yard is absolutely crawling with serpents. Number one. Don't cut the grass and don't trim that bushes. So, let everything grow out of control. And you're gonna get more snakes. Number two leave these big hot a smelly dog and cat food outside. Because what is going to come that bowl Of pet food, besides your dog or your cat. Rodents! And snakes love rodents. So leave that cat food and dog food outside and you can have more snakes. Number three Three, throw lots of junk in the yard that collects water, like old satellite dishes, and pans, and old tyres. Why? Because, in the summer it gets hot and snakes get thirsty, they need places to drink. So, give them the opportunity, welcome them to your yard. They'll thank you for it and they'll come back with all their friends. Number four, if you're one of those people with a backyard chicken coop. What you wanna do is screen off your coop using chicken wire. Because chickens can't get through chicken wire. But snakes can really easily. So if you've got chickens back there. Just leave it wide open for snakes, and the snakes will come. Number five, do not seal any entries near the base of your house. So that snakes may enter at their will. So don't block off those spaces, don't fill them. Let all the snakes come into your house any time they want because snakes are people too. When it's hot they might want to come inside because it's cool and when it's cold they might want to come inside because it's warmer. They're cold blooded. They need a little consideration. And if they like it in your house, maybe a female snake will decide to start a family. Hey, it worked for you!
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