Grumpy's Guide To Yard Mushrooms

It's the time of year when warm downpours can bring a whole crop of pesky mushrooms to your yard overnight. They can be annoying to step on, unsightly to look at, and even dangerous for furry friends that are playing in the yard. Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender is taking on all of your mushroom concerns, so that your yard will look great no matter how much fungus is popping up in the neighbor's yard.


Now is the time of the year when summer down pores bring on a flowering of mushrooms all into your lawn, in your garden. I wanna answer some of the most common concerns that you may have about mushrooms growing in your yard to avoid wide spread panic. [MUSIC] Number one question is Steve! That's my real name, what are mushrooms? Well, mushrooms are the visible part of a much larger fungal organism that lives underground. And inside the gills of the mushroom, it has spores which are its versions of seeds. So it comes up briefly for a time to disseminate the spores, so you can get more mushrooms. Question 2, which mushrooms can I eat? The answer is the ones you buy at the grocery store. never in any mushrooms that you find out in your yard unless you're a mushroom expert with paid up life insurance. Cuz if you happen eat a poisonous mushroom it can destroy your liver. You cannot live without a liver. My wife reminds me of this all the time when she sees me on the back porch drinking beer. Question 3. Can mushrooms poison pets as well? And the answer is yes. Very same mushrooms that could poison, send you to that eternal light Will do the same to Fluffy and Fido. Next question, is there anything I can pour on the soil to keep mushrooms from coming up? Well now wouldn't that be convenient? Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not care about your convenience. So no, there's absolutely nothing you can do pouring or spring any kind of chemical on your lawn that's gonna keep mushrooms from coming up. Sorry. Last question. Can you tell me how to grow magic mushrooms? Are you kidding me? This is Southern Living, we do not approve of these irresponsible lifestyles. Shame on you. Shame.
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