Fall Container Gardening with Grumpy

When the rest of your garden starts to wilt, Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender recommends swapping out your porch decor for some beautiful fall container gardens. When filled with cool-weather annuals, these containers will provide a pop of color to your home's entry, and will survive a freeze.


Gardening with containers is the easy way to achieve success because instead of having to plant a 60 foot border with flowers, all you have to do is plant up maybe an 18 inch container. Have it bloom and you feel like a genius. First of all, you have to ask yourself. When you're putting together a fall container. How long do you want your display to last? For instance, if you're just entertaining and you just want a container that's gonna look nice for maybe an evening or a weekend, maybe you'll use something like Garden mums that you can buy already in bloom at the store You put them out and they will look good for probably about three weeks and that's that. Now if you want something that's gonna last a lot longer, you have to used what we call cool weather annuals. An easier things that will survive in freeze and this means you will be chosing a plant. Like pansies and violas. If you want your container to maintain interest throughout the fall, winter and into spring one thing you might think about is putting in the middle of it an evergreen centerpiece. You can plant annuals and different kinds of flowers all around it for the fall. For the winner and then come this spring, you can chase them out for flowers that will grow during the hot months of the summer. A lot of people liked to use clay or terracotta pots, and they look good, they're not all that expensive. The problem with them in the winter is they are pourish and they absorb water. So if you leave amount on a freezing night and they're wet, the water inside that clay is going to turn to ice and eventually that part is going to crack. Or you can use a container that doesn't crack. It doesn't absorb water. And that would be something of these Fiberglass containers or even one of these plastic pots. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you can't use it. They look exactly like really expensive stone containers when you're standing all the way out on the street. As we all know, nothing matters more than what your garden looks like, viewed from the street.
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