Easy Flower Arranging with Rebecca Lang

Southern Living contributor and cookbook author Rebecca Lang makes floral arrangements, like this bright centerpiece, even simpler with her tips on putting together a beautiful bouquet.


[MUSIC] So you know I"m getting my flowers ready, which I love to have fresh flowers around. Maybe because they just make me happy. So, a lot of these are grown right around here. Some are grown right outside the house. But I always try to use kind of a nice vessel or vase that has some family meaning, and this piece has been in my family for quite some time. Y'all, when you do a flower arrangement at home, kind of walk around and see, especially if people are gonna be looking at it from any angle, just make sure you kind of walk around and make sure that it's good from every angle. And y'all, when you're looking for flowers, just try to do different sizes, different colors. Different textures and it really kinda all comes together that way. So I'm gonna clean up real easily as I usually do. All my stems are gonna go straight down the insinkorator evolution excel and I don't have to take it to the trash can it's very, very, very Simple straight in. I think everybody would arrange flowers more often if they are this easy to clean up all your [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC]
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