December: Meet White Cake Contest Winner Sue Winter

Sue Winter from Gilette Wyoming, won our 2012 White Cake Recipe Contest with her recipe for Mrs. Billet's White Cake.


I'm Lindsey Beerman, Editor in Chief. And I want to introduce you to Sue Winter from Gillette, Wyoming. She is the winner of our big white cake contest. Sue, I have to ask you. How does it feel to be a girl from Wyoming on the cover of Southern Living? I did think that was funny, I did. We've all had a good laugh about that, but. Tell us about the cake. Who's Mrs. Billet? I have no idea who Mrs. Billet is. My mother made this cake for me when I was a little girl for my birthday, and that's what it's always been called. I'm sure there is, there was a Mrs. Billet somewhere, but. I have no idea if she is anywhere anymore, or who she was. Well she's a part of southern history now and we love her for that, and we love you for that, it's an incredibly delicious cake, I've called it at the first tasting, you know when we had it, I said it was the little black dress of white cakes, cuz it sort of can. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It's great for a shower. It's great for a shower. It greats, it seems like it's the perfect wedding cake. You know, we did inside the magazine this month you'll see several different fillings and frostings for it. All sort of based on Sue's base recipe. Why don't you tell us about the flavors that are in the cake? Well, gosh, I used I'd always use, I try to use Mexican Vanilla, which I don't know maybe makes it a little better. I don't know I, other than that it's just a basic white, good basic white cake and it's not too heavy. I like cakes that are not too heavy. It had a, it was just perfectly moist. It had that, you know, hint of vanilla and it seemed like it was just that perfect cake to go with any occasion and that's why we loved it so much. So when you see in the feature that we have all of the different options that you can do, all the different things you can do with this cake you guys are gonna love it.
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