Quick-Fixes from the Freezer

Shorten your dinner prep time with these great entrée and dessert recipes.

Meal Starters Menu:


What's in your freezer that could be tonight's supper? I don't mean heat-and-eat TV dinners--I'm talking about jump-start frozen foods such as fish and chicken tenders. With recipes such as these, you can think of the freezer as your second pantry, stocked with quick supper ingredients for time-stretched nights.

Give Your Freezer a Makeover
If your freezer doesn't have any built-in organizational features, create your own with these tips.

  • Take stock of what you have; then purchase inexpensive plastic storage containers to group like foods together. Label bins to make finding what you need even easier.
  • If there isn't a rack, add plastic-coated, free-standing wire shelves to increase the storage space.

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