Unbeatable Kabob Combos

Tender, juicy, and sizzling with flavor, kabobs are so simple to fix, you can enjoy them any night of the week.
Mary Allen Perry
Spicy Thai Chicken Kabobs
Photo: Jennifer Davick

Peanut sauce, spiked with fresh lime zest, adds authentic Asian flavor to Spicy Thai Chicken Kabobs. Pair with a thrifty bowl of hot, cooked ramen noodles for a tasty alternative to expensive take-out.

As for ingredients, almost anything goes with these versatile recipes. Pork can easily stand in for chicken, or try using boneless chicken thighs instead of breasts. Swap apples and partially cooked sweet potatoes for green tomatoes and plums, or amp up the heat by substituting poblano chiles for bell peppers. The possibilities are endless!