Unbeatable Kabob Combos

Tender, juicy, and sizzling with flavor, kabobs are so simple to fix, you can enjoy them any night of the week.
Mary Allen Perry
Spicy Thai Chicken Kabobs
Photo: Jennifer Davick

Made To Order
Inspired by a favorite gumbo recipe, Creole Turkey-and-Sausage Kabobs team with rice for a hearty meal the whole family will love. Always in season, frozen okra threads easily onto skewers for a time-saving shortcut.

Premarinated meats and poultry offer a speedy solution for last-minute suppers. Low in fat, rubs and seasoning blends also add fast flavor and help seal in juices.

Pair vegetables and fruit with similar cook times, such as bell pepper and summer squash, and keep the pieces uniform in size. If you'd like to add potatoes or carrots, parboil them first until almost done but still firm.

When cutting onion into wedges, leave the root end intact so the layers hold together for easy handling. For extra-tender grilled onions, microwave the wedges at HIGH for 1 to 2 minutes before threading onto skewers.

Tightly packed skewers take longer to grill, so leave a small amount of space between each piece to ensure quick, even cooking.