Surprise! An After-Work Meal That's Ready-to-Go

Jennifer Davick / Styling Rose Nguyen / Food Styling Angela Sellers
Our insider secrets will show you how simple it can be.

Start your next dinner with most of the cooking done. That's what Southern Living graphic designers Gae Watson, Claudia Hon, and Jennie Shannon do for their families. On hectic days, they fix their evening meals using three time-saving items available at most grocery stores: a fully cooked pork roast, refrigerated mashed potatoes, and a bagged salad. Inspired, our Test Kitchens put a new spin on the pork and potatoes to come up with these easy recipes.

Editors' Menu:
1. Cuban-Style Shredded Pork
2. Quick Spanish Marinating Sauce
3. Black Beans 'n' Spuds
4. Weeknight Fondue

"What's for Supper? Fast Weeknight Meal" is from the May 2007 issue of Southern Living.

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