[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kristy Jordan. With Quick Fix Suppers you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the table, so let's get started. I love my slow cooker but get tired of the same recipes day in and day out. Do you have any suggestions for some new ideas? Have I got a great quick fix for you. Southern Living slow cooker red beans and rice is a Creole classic that your family's gonna love. And what's really great is it uses dried beans. Did you know that for the same price amount of money you get about five times more dried beans than when you buy canned? That makes a big difference in your budget, and what's really cool is that because we're using a slow cooker, we don't even have to soak our beans before hand. So let's get started. We're gonna take some dried red beans, [NOISE] pour them right in the bottom. Now I'm gonna add some turkey sausage. I'm lightening this up a little bit [NOISE] and it's gonna give it that nice smoked flavor. A little bit of chopped red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and some celery. Now we're gonna add our onions, some creole seasoning, you can find this in any grocery store, and some minced garlic. How easy was that? All that's left to do is add my water. [NOISE] Give this a good stir, put on the lid, and cook it on high for about seven hours. [NOISE] Another good thing about dried beans is that they keep for up to a year. I like to go ahead and take mine out of those plastic bags and store them in airtight containers. My favorite way is to use a Mason jar, because they look so pretty sitting around your kitchen. All we have to do now is wait. Now it's time for red beans and rice, a fuss free comfort food dish. [NOISE] I'm gonna serve mine over some quick cooking rice. It looks just like how mama made it growing up, only a lot less work. Now I'm just gonna add a little bit of juice for all that rice to soak up, and garnish with some chopped onion. I think I'd like to add a little bit of hot sauce, too. [LAUGH] Oh, doesn't that look good? I hope you get to try this soon. For more great quick fix dinner ideas, pick up a copy of Southern Living, and be sure an visit us online at
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