What's for Supper? Shrimp Scampi

Jennifer Davick / Styling: Rose Nguyen / Food Styling: Angela Sellers
Capture the essence of a classic Italian-style Shrimp Scampi recipe in 30 minutes.


In my house, the fewer pans I use, the happier I make my daughter, who “gets” to wash them. She’s sure to love our easy-to-prepare Shrimp Scampi recipe, which delivers hearty goodness with just two pans. To further shorten your shopping list, we’ve used the same seasoning blend in both recipes. For a tasty side dish, microwave a bag of frozen vegetables, or toss a mixed green salad while the pasta is boiling. Serve with warm and crusty Cheesy Garlic Bread, and you’re ready for a filling family meal.


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