Quick Fixes with Jarred Pasta Sauce

Recipe: One-Pot Pasta

Boost the flavor of your go-to pasta sauce with these quick and easy ideas.


Hi. I'm Kristy Jordan. With quick fix suppers, you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the table. So, lets get started. Hi Kristy. What else can I do with jarred spaghetti sauces. It's always on sale, and my family loves it. Any suggestions would be great. Pasta has endless stirring possibilities. And, with all the great jarred sauces available today. There is a flavor to please, even the pickiest eater in your family. Southern Livings, one pot pasta recipe, is a great place to start. All we need is a little bit of fresh ground beef. Were gonna just brown [SOUND] that up, and then we'll get going. [SOUND] Okay, I've already browned the beef, and I've drained it. And, I just kind of give my pot a quick wipe down. I've put a little oil in it, and let that heat up. Now, it's time to saute my vegetables. I'm gonna add just a little bit of chopped onion here. [SOUND] I love onion in anything. [SOUND] And, some mushrooms. This is a great time to add in some chopped veggies. Try some squash, zuchinni, even carrots are great. These vegetables are nice and tender. So, what I'm gonna do is add a little bit of minced garlic. And, we wanna saute that around in there, for about a minute. I'm gonna go ahead and add in my ground beef. And now, our pasta sauce. Stir that in, and I'm going to add in a little of dry Italian seasoning. Salt, and some black pepper. You know how I said you can really customize these dishes to your taste. Well, the benefit of being the cook, is that I can customize it to my taste. And, I love fresh basil. So, I'm just gonna take some basil leaves. And, just quickly tear them and add them in here. Now, add some water, give that a stir, and just bring it to a boil. So, now I'm ready to add my pasta. I'm using refrigerated ravioli, but you can also use frozen ravioli. It'll save you a little money. You just need to cook it for a few minutes longer. Oh, this is gonna be wonderful, and there's only one pot to clean up. Stir this up and then cover it with the lid, and let it simmer for eight to ten minutes. Or, until your pasta's done. Now, I'm just gonna add some cheese. Oh my goodness, this smells like an Italian feast, right now. Give that a good stir. Then, I'm just gonna cover it for about another minute, and let that cheese melt. [SOUND] Alright, I'm gonna spoon up my one pot pasta. Oh, how nice. Now, I'm just gonna add a little more cheese to the top. And, since this is my bowl, I'm going to add some more basil. I hope you get to try this recipe soon. For more great quick-fix ideas, pick up a copy of Southern Living. And, be sure and visit us online at southernliving.com.
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