Quick-Fix Pantry Shortcuts from the Test Kitchen

Learn how to stock convenience staples to jump-start homemade suppers in no time.


[MUSIC] At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's what's for supper. Hi, I'm Rebecca Gordon from the Southern Living Test Kitchen. Some nights everyone in my family is so busy. No one wants take-out, but I don't wanna really cook a big supper either. That's when I look in the pantry for help, with just a few convenience products. Our test kitchen's favorite little helpers. I can get supper on the table in a flash. I always keep a few extra items on hand like chicken broth, canned tomatoes, and jars of marinara sauce. To pull out for those desperation dinners. These are great starters for last minute meals. Rice mix and canned black beans save so much time when making baked chicken and rice with black beans. The pre-portioned, pre-seasoned rice is a super quick and easy start that can be prepared while sauteing the chopped vegetables. And who can remember to soak beans overnight? That's when the convenience of canned black beans becomes a real friend. For a tasty and good for you addition to any dish, simply open, rinse and stir. Now that's easy. If you're like me, some days I wish I could call a repairman to come over and. Fix the lasagna. Making it always feels like it takes all day. Well, not anymore. To satisfy your family's craving for this Italian favorite, just pick up a few of our favorite time-savers. Frozen cheese-filled ravioli, preshredded cheese, refrigerated pesto, a jar of alfredo sauce, vegetable broth And a bag of fresh baby spinach. In 10 minutes, you'll have spinach ravioli lasagna in the oven and plenty of time to help your kids with homework while it bakes. When any recipe calls for chopped cooked chicken, you have a super easy shortcut. [MUSIC] Deli roasted chicken. You can expect to get about 3 cups from each bird, exactly the amount you'll need for these easy and delicious chicken enchiladas. When you select a roast chicken, generally you'll find an array of flavors to choose from. But since the seasoning is rubbed mainly on the outside of the skin, which you'll discard anyway. You're safe to go with whatever flavor they have available. For more supper shortcuts, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit southernliving.com.
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