[MUSIC]. At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's whats for supper. Hi, I'm Shirley, Senior Food Editor with Southern Living. And I know most southerners are married to their grills when warm weather hits. For weeknights, quick suppers are all about throwing chicken, chops, fish, or even pizza on the grill. The kitchen stays cool, the food cooks fast, and cleanup is a breeze. Here are four recipes you'll wanna try. Grilled chicken with white barbecue sauce is so good. I know you'll crave it once a week. Plan a bit ahead to season chicken thighs with pantry herbs and chill for at least four hours. I've gone overnight, and it's fine. Thirty minutes before supper, fire up the grill and grab those barbecue tongs. When done, each piece will have a crisp herb crust and be amazingly juicy. Dunk each bite into our top rated white barbecue sauce. It's a tangy mixture of mayo, vinegar, and horseradish. Pork goes great with fruity flavors, and our saucy pork chops, with orange slices, is no exception. A spicy tart mixture of sweet orange marmalade and bottled barbeque sauce glazes thick cut pork chops. For good looking grill marks, you need a clean grill grate, a hot fire, and patience. Moving meat, even slightly, smears the lines. Grilled orange slices are more then just pretty on the plate. You can squeeze slices over chops, as you would lemon on fish, or enjoy as the last bite of the meal. Pair with rice and a steamed vegetable, and supper is served. [MUSIC] Got 30 minutes? Then you can have Greek snapper on the grill for supper. Lemon slices and Greek seasoning flavor the fish, while chives and lemon juice make a simple tartar sauce special. Our secret to grilling fish, that doesn't stick to the grate, is to place fillets on heavy duty foil. Use grouper, if snapper, is not available. Add a Greek side salad with olives, zucchini, and feta cheese, and you have a pretty simple supper. [MUSIC] Don't wait on delivery, instead make our kind of fancy, but really easy grilled, pizza with steak, pear and arugula. Gather up the ingredients and head outside. You'll assemble the pizza directly on the grill. Top the crust with sweet pear slices, peppery tasting arugula, and a rich blue cheese, such as Gorgonzola. Grilled flank steak, or any leftover steak, is added last. Close the lid and in ten minutes, you have melted goodness on a grilled crust, that's ready for the pizza cutter. Find more quick, grilled suppers in Southern Living Magazine and on
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