Quick-Fix Pasta Suppers

Recipe: Speedy Shrimp Scampi

Change up your pasta routine by trying Shrimp Scampi. Once you master the simple 20-minute recipe, it's easy to mix up the flavor with different spices and herbs.


Hi, I'm Christi Jordan. With Quick-Fix Supper, you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the table. So let's get started. I have a lot of traditional pasta recipes handed down from family members. But I'd really like some new ideas. Can you guys help? Liven up your pasta night by serving shrimp scampi over noodles. It's easy to make, dirties up only two pans. And once you master the basic recipe of shrimp, garlic, lemons, and butter. You can change up the seasonings any way you like. I'm gonna start by melting some butter here [SOUND]. And, I'm going to add some chopped green onions, minced garlic. I'm using this kind straight from the jar to save time. Some lemon zest, lemon juice, and a little bit of salt. You know, fresh lemon juice really makes a difference in the recipe. And a great tip for shopping for lemons. Is to choose the ones that are the heaviest, because they contain the most juice. I'm gonna cook this over medium high heat, for two to three minutes, just until it's bubbly. Now I'm gonna add about two pounds of fresh peeled and cleaned shrimp. And reduce my heat to medium. I'm gonna cook this for about five minutes, stirring constantly, until those shrimp are nice and pink. You can really smell that fresh lemon juice. These shrimp are ready, so I'm just gonna add a little bit of fresh parsley. And my secret ingredient, a little bit of hot sauce. You can also try and use some Worcestershire instead, or even varying up the herbs if you like. I'm just gonna stir this in. And you can smell all that parsley and lemon juice in the shrimp. This is gonna be a great dinner. Now we're just gonna pour this over our pasta [SOUND]. [SOUND] To finish this off, I'm just gonna squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it. And garnish with some more of that fresh parsley. Here we go. Isn't this beautiful? My husband is going to love this. For more great Quick-Fix ideas, pick up a copy of Southern Living. And be sure to visit us online at southernliving.com.
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