Quick-Fix Chicken Cutlets

Recipe: Chicken Cutlets with Pecan Sauce

Thin and boneless, chicken cutlets are ideal for a quick pan-fried meal. You can prepare them in a variety of ways but still have them on the table in no time.


Hi I'm Christy Jordan with Quick Fix Suppers. You'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the table. So let's get started. What are some new and fresh ways to cook chicken? My family never gets tired of it. [MUSIC] Everybody loves chicken. So why not try chicken cutlets for a fresh and quick cooking supper? Cutlets are thin and boneless, which makes them excellent for pan frying and sauteing. Southern Living's chicken with pecan sauce is a really easy recipe to start with. To begin, I'm gonna take some butter, and place it in a hot skillet. And then I'm gonna add my pecans. Pecans are delicious right out of the package or off the tree. But most people don't realize that by toasting them for just a few minutes, you really bring out their flavor. My pecans are nice and toasted here. So I'm just gonna transfer them to a small bowl and set that aside while I prepare my chicken. Let's add just a little bit of oil to our skillet, and let that be heating up. Now I've got my chicken cutlets here. To prepare these, what I'm gonna do is just sprinkle both sides with a little bit of salt and pepper. Okay, now I'm gonna dredge them in a little bit of plain flour, and go ahead and add them to my skillet. And, you know, if you'd like to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts in place of chicken cutlets, you certainly can. Just go ahead and pound them thin beforehand. An easy way to do this is to place them in a gallon zipper seal bag and pound them with a smooth side of a meat mallet. Our chicken cutlets are done. Nice and golden brown. So I'm gonna go ahead and transfer them to the serving platter. [NOISE] There we go. So now I'm gonna top these chicken cutlets with our toasted pecans. [SOUND] Now to move onto making our sauce, this is really simple. We're going to take some chicken broth and use it to deglaze our pan, don't be intimidated by that term. All that means is we're adding a liquid to the pan to help stir up all those good juicy tidbits in the bottom. I've got my pan all deglazed, so I'm ready to add the rest of the ingredients to my sauce. I'm just gonna pour in a little bit of cider vinegar, some brown sugar and some dried thyme. Now I'm going to stir that and simmer it for three to four minutes, until our brown sugar is all melted and our sauce is nice and thick. My sauce is cooked down a bit and got just a little thicker, so now I'm gonna whisk in two tablespoons of butter. [NOISE] Stir that up and let it get nice and melted in there. [NOISE] This smells so good. [NOISE] And supper's ready. Just pour this over our chicken and we're ready to go. Isn't this beautiful? It smells heavenly. I hope you get to try this soon. And for more great quick-fix dinner ideas, pick up a copy of Southern Living, and be sure and visit us online at southernliving.com.
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