Poached Salmon and Terrapin Golden Ale

Our editor, Steve Bender, discusses Ocean's salmon and beer pairing.


This particular salmon is, is kind of like a, is milder-flavor then I'm kinda, I was expecting. And I think probably one of the reasons that this Salmon was paired with this particular the Terrapin Golden Ale, is more of a, a milder flavor, it's not terribly, it's not, it's not heavily hot. it's, it's probably middle, middle of the road as far as body is concerned. So again, I think you've got a kinda like, a milder flavor fish here. Usually, you think of salmon as being a kind of a strong-flavored fish, but this particular one that we're having right here, I wouldn't classify that way at all. And so you, you've you've kind of matched the strength of what you're drinking with what you're eating. When you had that the, the veal, it was a very very full flavor. What you were eating was a very very full flavored meat. And I think that the, the Nut Brown Ale was a, was really good with that, because that was kind of a heavier, stronger tasting, full bodied, with a little more hops. This is, this is much much lighter. Much more something that pairs well with with the fish.
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