Test Kitchen’s Top 10 Pantry Staples


Photo:  John O’Hagan
Shop with this list and you’ll always have the right ingredients for spontaneous meals on your busiest days.

Beans—Great for side dishes, salads, or in pasta.
Rice—Easy and versatile side dish.
Pasta—Quick main dish with simple stir-ins such as chopped cooked chicken and pasta sauce.
Baking mix—Make quick breads, biscuits, or crusts for casseroles.
Potatoes and onions—Versatile veggies that add flavor and substance.
Cream soups—Great for casseroles.
Pasta sauce—Stir into hot cooked pasta for a super-quick meal.
Canned tomatoes—Use in everything from casseroles to pasta.
Broths—Make quick sauces and soups.
Canned tuna—Stir into pasta and salads, or make a creamy spread for a sandwich.

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