Quick-Fix Budget-Friendly Meals

Quick recipes that taste good and will satisfy everyone in your family–including the kids!


[MUSIC] At Southern Living we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's what's for supper. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Rebecca from the Southern Living test kitchen. Let me guess. You're looking for quick recipes that keep you on a budget. Look and taste good and satisfy everyone in your family, including the kids. I know it's a tall order but I'm here to tell you that it can be done. Here are three budget recipes sure to make everyone happy. Your family will think it took all day to make these easy chicken and dumplings. With a few time and money savings secrets, shopping is a breeze. Use the price per ounce on the tag at the grocery store as a guide. Cans of broth are usually more affordable, so just make up the difference with a little water. For the deli roasted chicken, pick up a day-old bird, which is less expensive than one cooked that day. The chicken will still be nice and moist because it simmers in the broth for a bit. [MUSIC] Refrigerated biscuits are a real time saver for the dumplings and are ready to go in the pot with a few snips from kitchen shears. Kids and adults are sure to be wowed by this fast and yummy supper. Ranch noodles is a supper that's about as effortless as boiling a pot of water. Just don't forget to add the noodles. Any noodles you already have in your pantry can be used, and the quick sauce can be stirred right into the hot cooked pasta. Just reach for the bottle of ranch dressing on your refrigerator door. Have leftover ham? Stir it in. Steamed broccoli? Add that too. Grilled chicken, sliced green onions and tomatoes would also be tasty additions, anything goes with this versatile dish. If your family craves Italian fare, try Speedy lasagna. This one dish wonder cooks entirely in the microwave and is to die for, there's several ways to save money when preparing this recipe. [MUSIC] You only need six no cook noodles, so one box will be plenty for several batches. Use charged spaghetti sauce you've stocked up on when it's on sale, or even better, when it's buy one, get one free. Buy the weekly shredded cheese special for an extra savings too. The best part is knowing you're serving your kids a nutritious and low budget meal that they absolutely love. For more kid and budget friendly suppers, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit southernliving.com.
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