Quick-Fixes with Kid-Friendly Chicken

Test kitchen professional Rebecca Gordon shares time-saving recipes are approved by both kids and moms!


At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy, and delicious. Here's what's for supper. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi. I'm Rebecca Gordon, from the Southern Living test kitchen. I know how time pressed you are, every night trying to get nutritious, and good tasting meals on the table for your family. It can be a real challenge, but just a few tips and tricks can help make your supper a cinch. And best of all, you can do it with chicken. Kid friendly chicken breast tenders are always a week night time saver, because they keep prep time to a minimum, and you can prepare them so many different ways. These recipes are cheaper, healthier, and tastier than the drive-thru. Tortilla chip encrusted chicken, is sure to rank tops when your looking for a week night Mexican fiesta at your house. This dish is a welcome change of taste from the typical taco dinner kit. Your favorite tortilla chips, add loads of zip and crunch to this fun recipe. So be sure to save all of the crushed chips at the bottom of the bag for this one. Pecan crusted chicken tenders are guaranteed to fetch rave reviews, and are tops on the crunchy meter. To add an extra layer of crispiness, and a nutty flavor, dress the tenders in saltine crackers and pecans. Then, lightly coat them with cooking spray just before baking, to ensure an extra crisp crust every time. Serve this simple weeknight meal of oven-fried yum, with your favorite honey mustard or ranch dressing. Here's an idea. Instead of making a beeline to the closest drive-through, you can head home knowing Easy Skillet Cordon Bleu will be on the table in 20 minutes. If you don't have Swiss cheese or Canadian bacon, don't stress. Substitute with what you already have on hand: cheddar, provolone, and deli ham or turkey would be delicious. Complete this quick and easy meal with a microwavable bag of rice, and a simple green salad. For more kid-friendly weeknight suppers, pick up a copy of Southern Living, and visit southernliving.com.
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