What's for Supper? Grilled Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce

Chicken thighs are seasoned with rub of dried thyme, oregano, cumin, and paprika. The versatile white sauce received our highest rating and is also good as a condiment for burgers.


At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's what's for supper. Hi, I'm Rebecca from the Southern Living Test Kitchen. If you're looking for an easy week night grilling recipe, grilled chicken with white barbeque sauce is what's for supper. The best part of all, is that it's quick to make. And will help you better enjoy those long southern summer nights. Get a head start on supper, by doing a little prep in the morning before you head to work. First, make the spice rub by combining thyme, oregano, cumin. Paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper. The nice thing about the rub, is that most of the ingredients are pantry staples that you probably already have on hand in your spice cabinet. Now, I'll rub the seasoning mixture evenly over the chicken to coat well. Then, I'll place the chicken in a zip top plastic freezer bag. And chill in the refrigerator at least four hours, but you can certainly chill longer. It will only give the chicken more flavor. When you're ready to eat, dinner's a cinch. You'll simply take the chicken from the bag, and place it on the grill. You wanna make sure that you don't crowd the chicken. Just simply leave enough space so that it cooks evenly. Cook the chicken with the grill lid down for about eight to ten minutes on each side, or until it's done. While the chicken is grilling, I'll make the super easy white barbecue sauce. The base of this sauce is mayonnaise. And I like to use full fat. But feel free substitute light mayonnaise if you prefer. One thing to remember, is that the light mayonnaise will have a more spicy result. So you wanna use a little less black pepper. Start with two teaspoons, taste it, and see if you need the additional teaspoon or not. So I'll combine the mayonnaise, along with white wine vinegar. One minced garlic clove, black pepper, spicy brown mustard. Salt, sugar and horseradish. Look for it in the refrigerated section of the grocery store near the cheeses. You just want to stir this until it's nice and well blended, and you can store this covered in the refrigerator, up to one week. You know, one thing I love to do during the week is grill extra chicken. Because it's so nice to have as leftovers later on in the week. Once the grilled chicken is done, drizzle with the white barbecue sauce. Complete the meal with a side salad and buttered corn on the cob. For more supper solutions, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit southernliving.com.
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