[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Chisty Jordan. With Quick Fix Suppers, you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the table. So let's get started. I love my slow cooker, but I don't know many recipes to cook in it that are filling for my family. You have any ideas? I love my slow cooker. It's a busy mom's best friend. There's nothing like coming home at the end of a long day to a house that's filled with the smells of supper that's already cooked for you. A great recipe to start with is slow cooker chicken thighs with carrots and potatoes. This is so easy to throw together. You're gonna love it. To begin with, we're gonna take some sliced onions and just layer those in the bottom. [SOUND] Now we're gonna add some baby carrots, top that with some sliced new potatoes. Now the reason I'm putting my vegetables in first is because they take a little longer to cook. So you want them to be around the bottom so they can get a little more heat on them. I'm gonna make a quick sauce to pour over this, beginning with some chicken broth. And all I'm gonna do is add a little bit of salt, some dried thyme, minced garlic, and some black pepper. Give that a good stir, and then just pour it over our vegetables. [SOUND] Now I'm gonna season my chicken. Our seasoning mixture is really easy to throw together. I'm gonna use a little bit of black pepper, some paprika, and some salt. Give that a little stir to mix it up, and then I'm going to sprinkle it over the chicken thighs. Now that they're all coated I'm just gonna pat that in, get them nice and seasoned. I'm just gonna arrange them on top of our vegetables. Now this is gonna cook on low for about six hours and then supper will be ready. You know, if you are using an older slow cooker, it might be a good idea to go ahead and upgrade. For a very small investment, you could have a real work horse kitchen appliance. The newer models cook a lot more evenly than the older ones, plus they have that great warm setting. So if your family ends up running a little late, just toss it on warm and supper is still ready when they get home. Another great tip. If you have a particularly hectic morning, is go ahead and take your insert out of your slow cooker. Arrange this recipe the night before and just place it in your fridge. In the morning before you leave, all you have to do is place your insert back in the base and turn it on. Now if you're home while this is cooking, resist the temptation to open the lid, because each time you do that, it adds 20 minutes to the cook time. I've got this all served up, and I'm just gonna add a little bit more of the broth to it, and a pinch of fresh parsley. Isn't that beautiful? My house smells wonderful, my kitchen is clean, and supper is all done. That's why this is my favorite Quick Fix appliance. For more great Quick Fix recipes, pick up a copy of Southern Living and be sure and visit us online at
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