Quick-Fix Burgers and Sandwiches

Food editor Shirley Harrington shares her ideas for grilling mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches that make for a quick and easy supper.


At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's what's for supper. Hi there. I'm Shirley, Senior Food Editor with Southern Living. It's time to grab a cold one, and get the grill going. We have grilled burgers and sandwich recipes you'll want for your next cookout. Let's start with three amazing burgers. This spicy cheddar stuffed burger is over the top good. Smoky chipoltle peppers are responsible for the kick of heat in these big burgers. Split one big burger with a friend, or make six smaller ones. Served with class toppings, and finish the meal with a fruit salad. On the flip side of rich burgers, we suggest trying tastey turker burgers to keep that beach worthy figure. Ground turkey is so low in fat, it can be dry once cooked. Remedy that dilemma and build up flavor by adding chopped vegetables, balsamic vineager, rosemary, and cilantro to the turkey before grilling. Slather toasted buns with spicy mustard then top with burgers, herb grilled onion rings, and parmesan cheese. Put your favorite raw vegetables to the side. And this night's dinner is done. Our third burger suggestion is different, and also good. It's a pecan crusted pork burger, stir a tad of the dried apricot chipotle mayonnaise, you see topping the burger into the pork for unforgettable flavor. The dusting of pecans on the outside gets sweet and crispy while on the grill. Your bun choice does matter. Our test kitchen's favorite is a crispy, French bread-style, that's baked fresh in your grocer's bakery. Add a side of marinated green beans and call the family to the table. Let's hit pause on burgers and go to a couple of sliced meat sandwiches. Grab the napkins. That's a Vidalia onion barbecue sauce you see dripping down our grilled tenderloin sandwiches. It's homemade with pantry ingredients and Georgia's famous sweet Vidalia onions. Or ten fifteens if you're in Texas. Simmer the sauce, while garlic and pepper-rubbed pork tenderloins grill. Want perfectly cooked pork tenders? Stick to our directions and don't skip the stand time. Serve potato salad or slaw on the side and then get ready to chow down. [MUSIC] Rich tasting flank steak sandwiches with blue cheese as our summer cookout salute to Philly cheese steaks. Grilled, thick sliced onions and bell peppers topped thin slices of herb marinated and grilled flank steak. Our secret flavor punch comes from lemon juice, squeezed over the sizzling flank steak. So good with blue cheese and arugula. Find more grilled burgers, and sandwiches for backyard suppers in Southern Living magazine and on SouthernLiving.com.
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