Duck Salad and Hoegaarden

Our editor, Steve Bender, discusses the delights of the Ocean craft beer and food pairing.


Hi, I'm Steve Bender. Senior writer with Southern Living Magazine, and I'm here at Ocean Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. And the people of the National Wholesale Beer Association are making one of my dreams come true. We're going to pair exquisite dishes of all sort of craft beers. I love beer, and if you want to know what a craft beer is, it simply is a beer with flavor. So the best way to start any meal in my opinion is with two words: bottoms up. This is really good. When you have the food. [SOUND] When you taste something in the food, and then you drink the beer, and you can taste some of the very same things. For instance this duck right here is seasoned with coriander, and you've got this white beer that has coriander in it as well. So naturally that's gonna pair well together. One thing that's kind of funny is that the cheese is kind of like, kind of like sweet, but it actually the kind of spiciness of the beer really goes well with it too.
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