At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy and delicious. Here's what's for supper. [BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Shirley, senior food editor with Southern Living. And when it's hot outside, most families are looking for a meal that's satisfying and cools them off. [MUSIC] A great choice? Chicken salad. Follow along. I've got four recipes sure to convince you this Southern staple is not just for lunch. Chopped, juicy ripe peaches and fresh basil give party chicken salad that taste of summer goodness. This dish is like a little black dress. You can dress it up or down. For a girls night out supper spoon salad over baby lettuces in cute glasses, sprinkle with blackberries and serve with butterfly shaped crackers. So girly yet so fun. For the family Tone it down. Pull out pasta bowls or plates, and pop rolls or bread sticks in the over. Cold salad, hot bread, that's a fine summer supper. Keeping that fruit and chicken theme going, our chicken and strawberry salad has a surprise ingredient, avocado. Plan ahead and grow a few extra chicken breast on a previous night to use for this recipe. With strawberries, mix salad greens, chicken, and almonds. This is a really balanced meal. Put a basket of peta chips on the table, and the evening meal is served. [SOUND] For a healthy handheld supper, add Asian chicken salad sandwiches to your weekly menu plan. There's no mayo, instead a delicate tasting, rice wine vinegar dressing is tossed with cooked chicken. Stir in two unexpected ingredients. [MUSIC] Spicy, peppery radishes and crunchy tested almonds to make this chicken salad memorable. Roll with alfalfa sprouts and flour tortillas for one easy wrap and that wraps up tonight's supper. Our test kitchen press did a wild, crazy, and delicious thing coming up with chicken, horseradish salads. They dared to put horseradish with chicken, not beef. Along with pecans and lemon zest, it tickles the taste buds with flavors that are hot, sweet, and tart. Southern Living fans who have tried this salad say, my family can't get enough of it. Scoop salad on to lettuce leaves with fresh pineapple and enjoy on the deck. [MUSIC] Find more chicken salads for supper, lunch, and parties in Southern Living Magazine and on
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