What's for Supper? Pan-Fried Chicken-and-Ham Parmesan

Perfect for a busy weeknight, this hearty dish will have your family lining up for seconds.


At Southern Living, we think supper should be quick, easy, and delicious. Here's what's for supper. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm Angela with the Southern Living test kitchen, pan-fried chicken and pan parmesan, is perfect if you're looking for a special weeknight meal that's both easy and impressive. I'll start by preparing my chicken. I'll season it with salt and pepper. And then I'll take each piece and dredge it in flour. And next I'm gonna dip it in the egg wash mixture. This is just egg and water. Then I'll coat it in seasoned bread crumbs. Now I'm gonna sauté the chicken in hot olive oil for four minutes on each side, or until done. Once the chicken's done, I'm gonna remove it from the heat, and then I'll top it with my ham and cheese. Now I'll pop this on the over for about eight minutes, to let the cheese melt. While my chicken is cooking, I wanna make a sauteed grape tomato topping. I'll start with a pan of ripe tomatoes that I've cut in half, I'll add brow sugar, balsamic vinegar and salt. This is perfect for the summer. It can be served on top of chicken, fish or pasta. Or even as a side dish. Next I'll make my herb garlic butter, that I'm gonna stir into my pasta. I'll start with a stick of softened butter. And I'll combine fresh basil fresh parsley, garlic, and salt. Not only is this good for pasta its also good for making garlic bread. Now take half of my hurb garlic butter and stir it into my pasta. The other half of the garlic butter can be stored in the freezer up to one month. Top the chicken with parmeasean cheese, and serve with a big, green salad. For more quick supper recipes, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit southernliving.com.
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