Butternut Carrot Soup and Harpoon I.P.A.

Our editor, Steve Bender, discusses Ocean's soup and beer pairing.


It was a really good match, because one of the things I noticed is like, you can, after you have some of the soup. If its not well matched, it makes the beer taste funny. And beer tastes exactly the same after you have some of the soup, as when it did before. So, they really compliment each other. India Pale Ale is, is like one of my favorite kinds of, of, of beer styles. Because I really like, I'm a hop head and I like bitterness of the beer. And it goes really well with the soup. You know how it got called Indian Pale Ale? It happens when India, was, was a British colony. And they needed they need the beer to last between being shipped from England to India. Which is a long voyage by sea, and so, one of the ways that you do that is by pouring lots of hops into the beer. Because the hops, not only flavor the beer, but they also act as a preservative, and so, the more hops you got in the beer, the longer it lasts. And, actually, the better I like it too.
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