Braised Veal and Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale

Our editor, Steve Bender, discusses Ocean's veal and beer pairing.


What you need with this veal, is you really do need a beer with some body. It's going to, to kind of like stand up to it. If you taste something in the food and then you also have it echoed in the, in the beer, I think it's a really nice idea, you know, and naturally they're gonna pair well together. This is kind of like a, kind of a filling dish. And if you had a really lighter beer, it probably would overpower the whole thing and it wouldn't go well together. But this really holds up well, because it's a, very flavorful beer. Its got a good body to it. It's got some hops to it. It's got a little bit of bitterness to it, but not too much. So I think this is a great pairing. I mean, I think they've, they've kind of like matched, you know, you know, good body with good body.
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